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January 9, 2013

NBC and Jif Peanut Butter

Sometimes it’s the background of a logo that’s multicolored, rather than the type.

Here are two logos that have strikingly similar compositions of red, green and blue rectangles with their 3-letter brand names in knock-out white type. (The photo of Jif Peanut Butter jar above is from RoadsidePictures’s Flickr Photostream.)

Here are both logos in black & white:

1. The NBC “color xylophone” logo

The early NBC logo was originally a monochromatic radio logo, color being added later to represent color television.

There is some indication that the xylophone logo was used at 5:32 PM on December 17, 1953 to announce the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) approval of the new color standard, which would go into effect 30 days later.

Wikipedia’s entry on NBC Logos

2. The 1956 Jif Peanut Butter logo

This Jif label was design by Donald Deskey. (In earlier versions of Jif Peanut butter labels, the font was a little different, the “Jifaroo” kangaroo mascot was bigger, and the colored rectangles were playfully askew.)

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