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January 2, 2013

Cantenna Round-Up

Top: Coke cantenna (via: Wikipedia); 2nd row left: Super Cantenna™ with carton; on right coffee cantenna (from: LiquidNitrogen); 3rd row left: Pringles cantenna (from: It should work…); bottom: Budweiser beer cantenna (from: jpizzle)

As mentioned in the previous post about the Heathkit Cantenna, the concept of making antennas out of cans has lately become popular. (“…in the do-it-yourself community, it has come to be used for homemade Wi-Fi antennas made with an empty metal can.”)

The Pringles can must be a particularly good size and shape for this contraption because there are quite a few cantennas out there made from Pringles containers.

And even though most wi-fi “cantennas” are do-it-yourself packaging hacks, there is at least one company that will do it for you. (Super Cantenna)

It bears remembering, however, that it’s not a brand new idea. This item from a 1955 issue of Popular Mechanics show an early precedent (even earlier than Heathkit’s HN-31 Dummy Load Cantenna) for both the concept and the name combining “can” and “antenna.”