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November 21, 2012

On Miracle Whip’s Ambigram Logo

Continuing in the upside-down design direction, there’s a lot to like about Turner Duckworth’s 2010 logo design for Miracle Whip and all of it relates to the invertible squeeze bottles that are now the norm.

Miracle Whip used to come in a jar and was either spread onto bread with a knife or dolloped out with a spoon. Now, like many other products, it comes in a self-dispensing squeeze bottle. The continuous MW logo is obviously intended to remind us of this change.

We’ve written about other ambigramic logos, but the typographic trick makes particularly good sense here, where the bottle can stand in either orientation.

… a semi-rebranding of Miracle Whip as “MW,” with a distinctive “ambigram” logo that looks the same right side up as it does upside down (which shows consideration of the fact that retailers and consumers often store the bottles upside down on their broad, flat closures.)

“Krafting” A Redesign
Brand Packaging, March 2011

As ambigrams go, however, “MW” is low-hanging fruit. As good a solution as it is to Miracle Whip’s problem of branding a product in an invertible bottle, there are earlier precedents for ambigramic MW logos…

(One such precedent, after the fold…)

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