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July 23, 2009

Live Package Biodegradation Webcam

HelpDecomposing Help Remedies’ newly redesigned molded pulp packaging has already been widely celebrated on plenty of other packaging blogs.

I haven’t much to add, except to point out that, on their web site, they have an interesting live webcam focused on one of their packages, in the process of decomposing in a compost heap. Not the usual hero product shot, but sort of cool none-the-less. A little like watching an early Andy Warhol film. (Think: Sleep or Empire)

Having lately studied up on landfills, I feel compelled to point out that, unless you personally see to it that your discarded paper packaging (or corn-based bio plastic packaging) is actually composted, decomposition is, by no means, guaranteed. Landfill conditions are usually more apt to entomb paper for decades, rather then facilitate much in the way of decomposition.


(via: Lovely Package)

Randy Ludacer
Beach Packaging Design