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June 19, 2009

Tin Cans & Charivari


Via Lovely Package: Athens-based graphic designer, Chris Trivizas’s tin can wedding invitation

Another way in which packaging has infiltrated the culture: the “charivari” tradition of “good-natured hazing” of newly-weds has evolved into the current tradition of tying tin cans to the rear bumper of the newlyweds’ car.

How long has this tin-can-thing been a tradition? Before there were cars, tin cans were tied to horse-drawn wagons, but it cannot have been the tradition before metal cans were invented the early 1800s. (See Can-Opener Patents)

(More about tin cans & newlyweds, after the fold…)

Getaway_car_favor_box_wedding_favor Above, a folded car-shaped box for wedding party favors. Below, a tin-can-related New York Times story* from 1898:


Randy Ludacer
Beach Packaging Design

*Footnoted digression: Is it just me or does life consistently dole out the harshest tragedy to the supporting cast rather than to the principle players? [See: the George Arents Jr. crash where the driver (rather than the passenger) was also killed.]